May 19, 2012

Recycling Textil: ABC game for kids

If you are bored and you got some remained textile materials, than you can make this game for one of your friends child or whatever... ^^ This game is for kids who don`t want to learn and the same time is hygienic.

The game idea is to make "the learning" faster. Most study shows that if you bring color in your child life when they are studying than the child perceive much faster and memories more easier than the others. So all you need is:
  • 26 type of material with different colors and sample (it`s wherry important because the child memories the character with touch and visibility ) 
  • One type of yarn white or black
  • 40 cm lining material but the dense one
Step1: Make the patterns. The easiest way to make the patterns is on computer and than print it. You can chose any type of character you want, but when you chose the size of the character you have too be careful because the pattern size is influenced by the character size.


 Step2: Cut the patterns.You have to be careful when you cut the patterns because it`s little and detailed.

Step3: Chose the fabric. For each character you need to chose an other material and other color, because the child when starts playing and touching the character she/he starts to memories it by comparing the colors and touch with the name of character. 

When you chose the material for each character than you need to cut them in square but be careful the character it has to smaller than the square. If you finished this than put the materials back to back.

Step4: Draw the contour. When you start drawing make sure that the material is on front. Leave a space( 0.5 cm) between the pattern and drawing line.

Step 5: Make the layering. Every child likes a teddy bear, i was wondering why but i got the answer, it`s because of the touching and softness. So when you start the layering you need to put between the materials lining material to make sure that the characters gonna be soft.

Step 6: The sewing. When you finished your layering fix the materials with pins, because if you don't than lining between the textile its gonna move, and than you can start sewing. When you sew leave a space (0.5cm) between the drawing contour and the sewing line. The sewing line is inside the contour line.

Step 7:  Cut the remains. When you finished sewing than start cutting on the drawing line. If you finished up than you can see that the result is a ruff edge.

Step 8: Finishing. To finish up the character you need to cover the ruff edge, to do that all you need is the zig-zag stitch. Put the stitch step between 0-1 and the zig-zag on the biggest step. and when you sewing don`t leave space between the normal stitch and the zig-zag one.

 When you finished up all your character you can start playing. You can make a little bag if you want, to keep them together.

 The most important at this game is the hygiene, you can was it when you want to but be carefull with it, don`t pass 30 degree because the lining it`s gone separate or  the textile material gone lose color.


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