May 30, 2012

Recycling Textil: Pillow case

 Tutorial of this week it`s gonna be a pillow case made of skirt. If you have home some old skirts and you want to throw out, just don't do it. Follow up this tutorial and make a nice present for your boyfriend ;).

All you need is:
  • some old skirts
  • other peace of material (any kind, it`s for decoration)
  • yarn  
 Step 1: at firs you have to choose the skirts you want to recycle and then you pic some remain fabrics what displaying with the skirt.

Step 2: Take the pillow size.

Step 3: Take the pillow size and divide in half and then measure from the center of the skirt (from the button hole) outside and draw a line, that's how you get the length of the pillow case. Then measure 4.5 cm from the pocket up and then draw a line, from that line measure down the pillow size and you got the width of the pillow case.

Step 4: Cut the skirt on the drawing line. If your entering in the sleeve of the skirt then you need to straighten.

Step 5: Fix both parts and then sew it together. On the back of the pillow case you can make a tolerance to give the expression of  the back.

Step 6: If you finished sewing then you need to work on the edges of the pillow case. You can finish up with zig-zag stitch or use your overlock machine.

Step 7: Make some decorations. Cut a piece of fabric in square and finish up the edges with your overlock machine or a simple zig-zag stitch.

Step 8:Or you can use a simple heart shape to decorate the pillow case, makes a good expression on the pillow definitely if your giving it to your boyfriend. It`s simple you cut the shape and then you zig-zag stitch on the pillow case before you pin them together. (step5)

Step 9: Finished up and ready to use :D. Enjoy!