May 1, 2012

Summer Collection 2012

This collection it`s based on the movement of the summer. The inspiration for this dresses is the hottest night of the summer. Taking a walk on the street and felling the warmness on my skin. All the dresses are "flowness" and covers the leg to show movement by walking.

My first look is a little bit inspired from the 90` by showing 5cm from the waist. The "maxi skirt" is made of chiffon, the material has a transparency. when the body moves the material flows and by transparency shows the shape of the lag. The top it`s easy and simple, with open back.

This look price is 30 Euro.

This ocean blue dress is made of  voal chiffon. The dress is tailored on the body with the back open and doesn`t have a lining. A dress like this doesn`t have a flowness on the bottom side so i did a second layer by expressing it. It`s a sophisticated design, looks easy but if fits well on the body.

This dress price is 30 Euro.

The "White Flower" dress is made 100% of cotton. The lower part is tailored very large and has too layers, express flowness beautifully. The upper part of the dress is made of a material with flower texture. The matte color palette on the top gives a femininity for the "maxi dress".

 This dress price is 30 Euro.

 From this collection this is my favorite dress. I chosed this color because i want to express a "regal look" by adding a material with gold thread in a claret fabric and the bottom part is made of claret chiffon with 3 layers.

This dress price is 30 Euro

My last dress from this collection is made of thin cotton with flower print on it. The inspiration for this dress it was an old movie. I simplified the idea of the movie and i got this result.

This dress price is 16 Euro

My last 2 dresses was made for the announcers on a design night named "Design High Way".

This dress price is 45 Euro.

This dress price is 30 Euro

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