May 7, 2012

Tips and ideas for a corect design

Forms in fashion design

All physical forms perceptible by sight, people are require them as forms. The form is the shape line, an aspect of the object or body.

The form word in theory is a physical reality, defined by the whole and the parts/components. In space approximation it`s a group of elements. The word form it`s used with another expression "contour" with the same meaning.

Some psychologists have shown that the form it`s seen in an integrated manner, namely at first is the contour what the eye perceive and than comes the components or the texture. In recent years theorists of art made a distinction between forms, what things possess it`s called existence form, and the things what we see it`s called the influence form.

Natural form: is the result of nature, the progress of gas materials in space, what the mathematicians called "the logarithmic spiral".
Relief land form: the form is defined by the wave movement. 
Vegetable form: is the most complex form in the world, because they got a complex and detailed form.
Artificial form: is the form what implicates human action.

Relation between forms and geometry

Geometry structure are fundamental elements of perception, it`s a representation of configuration and objective reality. They give a possibility for man to guide theory and practice in the surrounding reality.

In abstract therms we can consider that the point, line, volume are basic elements for any structure in the world. Reducing all the shapes of appearance on the simplest element of geometrical structures is the basic condition of knowledge and creativity in many fields.

Geometry is presented to the world around us, contained in visual perception based on a fact or idea. The space form is an element hard to illustrate in too dimension.

Geometry in fashion design

These are some designs based on geometrical forms.

This collection it`s named "Plato`s Collection" made by Amila Hrustic. The inspiration for this collection was the five different solid form: cube, tethered, etc. These forms are made from paper and than attached to the textile in different configurations. This collection it`s based on geometrical conception and arranged solids on the human body. It`s the perfect study of perception and contrast. Emphasize on relation between organic and artificial, amorfe and geometry.

Esthetic arrange of the form

In general composition represents the total elements made of structure, and unity. In Fashion design, composition means: the total form of the finite product, a complied look. Every form or object created by men, are based on functional, technical content, and one artistic. 

The composition is an organized action and equilibration, made by the designer or artist in his attempt to create forms in witch way the object gonna be functional and/or ethic. So the composition must have the harmony of the form, colors and light without changing the logical intern of the product.

Proportion and the golden ratio. (

The golden ratio is a simple mathematical relation and it`s find naturally in many great works of art and designs, as also known as the golden section, golden proportion. 

The mathmathical therm for the golden ratio is:

This equation is related to the Fibonacci sequence number system: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21... where each number is the sum. of the previously too numbers.

Any of these too numbers approximates the too numbers of the golden ratio although is more accurate whet the number get larger.
 Ex: 3/5=0.600
      21/34=0.617 it`s very close to 0.618

The golden ratio is also can be found int he nature. 

This spiral on this see shell for example it can be divided in sections, and  approximates the golden ratio.

The golden ratio it can be found in the human body.

Study's have shown that many people prefer golden ratio and not other rectangle proportion but that doesn't make an easier experience.

Golden ratio in fashion:

 These dresses are based on the golden spiral. The proportion is the same as the golden ratio. Its a really good inspiration for a dress design or collection.

In America too twin designers Ruth Levy and Sara Levy made a revolutionary design system based on the golden ratio, named "the fashion code". They used the gold proportion and they got a general look and universal in the same time.

This design system is a good base form for collections, it fits the human body. The proportion makes a good cut on the body and revels the form otherwise.

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