Aug 12, 2013


Hello, my readers!  I just got back from my home village, sounds weird… I had some refreshing moments and I cleared my head. So, now, we have new projects for you, with more articles and I hope you’re going to like the idea!  For this week’s ”weekly look” we have the topic freedom:

Freedom is what we all want in this rushing fake world. 

Free to live a life, free from a fucked up job, free from the scholar system, free from lies  or just being free to do what we always wanted: to achieve a dream. My question is: if you achieve it, will you be free? (Or are you going to be so into your work, that you won’t even notice how far you’re getting from being free.)

Some say:  “be careful what you wish for” and I think that’s a true thing.

Ocho writes in his „intelligent” book about primitive people, he declares that they are the most intelligent ones.  All their care about is sex, mostly. Here is my second question:  being primitive equals with being free? Not to know anything, not to care about the system, not to be interested about culture, but when it comes about surviving the day, they can be productive and beside this they want love and family in their life…

If you are living in a big town, than you know that the average woman doesn't think about family, they are career oriented! When the biological time is ticking, then they became frustrated and that’s when the doctor knocks on the door! I don’t think that this is freedom or acceptable, I think all of this is just a bad norm.

Choose life, because you have only one, take a chance, because it might turn out good, fall in love without lying, and choose to be free, because life is not a prison!

On this photo shoot participated:

Designer: Mathe Annamaria
Model: Bianca Biris
Photo: Fulop Barna
          Bandi Andras

PS: you need to see this.

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