Aug 10, 2013

The Modern Mix Fashion Show...

Hello SM readers! As you may know we had a big show last week, in the Culture Palace at the Modern Mix Fashion Show. Some of you were there and I’m honored. Your support helps a lot the SM crew and we are grateful for that.

The idea of this fashion show was to promote our self and use ordinary people as a model. The designers needed to do wearable garments. Personally I liked this idea, because it’s my territory, that’s why I participated on the first place.

Although I liked D.D. Judith designs, her collection was about Catalan. She didn't make wearable dresses but I think she brought innovation on the runway. The other collection which I really liked was the Infinite Line collection from Iszlai Adel. Her collection was wearable, innovative and well made, which is important if you are a young designer. From the jewelry collection I really liked Beango’s design. Her perspective is really good, modern in a rocker way, well finished and young people would buy. If you are a designer you must sell your products by making quality and innovations in your garment.

What’s your opinion Gina and Ildi?

Indeed. In this world originality matters the most. A designer has to give something unique, but also wearable. I think Annamari’s dresses give us both. All of her collections express something, a state of mind, a mood and give us, women sensuality, originality, no matter the occasion. 

We presented three collections first came the “Purity”… I wanted to bring something new, fresh on the runway so I prepared this young collection which reflected the innocent personality of the childhood. I used hand stitched pattern to show the playfulness of the look.

Ildi tell to the readers about the hair styling and accessories, I think it was beautiful:

Ildi: For the Purity collection me and my mother, (who makes bouquets, and does amazing things with flowers) made floral tributes. I think they looked amazing on the models, and also expressed the nature of the collection. 

Gina: In terms of makeup, everything was kept simple, leaving the accents on the hair accessories. In order to emphasize the purity within every girl, I have contoured the inner parts of the eyes and used pink and golden eye shadow and put a natural pink lipstick on their lips.

 Hair by Ildi...

The next show was the “Sport collection” but I think you read a lot about this one! We presented this collection for the last time. If you liked it and you want a piece of these garments, please contact us!
For the Sport collection I made sporty, easy wearable hair, but scenic at the same time, which has a strong holding. (we had models farm the Sirius junior basketball crew )

The whole show was ended by our “Occasional collection” which wowed the audience. This collection it was all about a ball where each woman was wearing different dresses. The models were escorted by a male model to give the real ball felling. This collection was mostly about the hair and make-up so I will let the stylists to write their opinion.

Make up by Gina....

After the show we had a great time together...

The Purity collection 

On this show participated:

Fashion Designer: Máthé Annamária
Visual Artist: Sankó Gyatsa
Make Up: Gina Bordas
Hair: Markos Ildi
Manager: Csatlós Orsolya
Photo: Fülöp Barni
Technician: Máthé Botond

Have a nice weekend I hope you're having a good time and a great vacation!

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