Aug 8, 2013

Tusvanyos Festival

Hello my readers! Finally the show parade is a lil’bit silenced and now I have time for blogging! I don’t know if you saw but we have a new headline on the SM blog called “Products”. You can buy or order in any color or concept you want, just leave a msg here! If you want refashion (from old cloths make new ones) or retouch, just contact us!

Tusvanyos for me was a lifetime experience because I had my first presentation and my first live interview at the radio, I was so excited and I learned a lot!

How about you Ildi? This fashion show was my first one, so I was very excited, and scared a little bit. But when the preparation was running I felt self-confidence, and I already knew, that everything’s going to be all right.

We had a worm welcoming and I really want to thank for the organizers all that nice hospitality and this big opportunity. I think my shocking moment was, when stranger people came into the” backstage” and asked about the SM show :D…

The SM presented two collections (the sport and the recycled child collection based on tales). We opened the conversation about SM and future projects, as an introduction for the people. We had a nice blogger volunteer who shared her blogging problems, by listening her I realized we had the same issues at the start (the connection between blogger and reader , this is the most common problem, what bloggers have), so I gave her tips and ideas how to get closer to her readers and I advised her to use statistics, because people enjoy reading them.

Ildi you are a blogger as well, so please add some of your ideas about this problem:

My blog is very “fresh” . In my posts I write about my activities and I try to give to my readers useful advice and valuable information. I have to work on the frequency of my posts and I have to motivate them to put me questions, to be more interactive.

The show was opened by the Kid collection, which the people loved so much. I think that from now on I will always do garments for kids because people really like it, and it helps the show a lot. The garments stayed spectacular on the kids.

The sport collection brought the real festival vibe in to the show, we used as a finale for the presentation.

The garments looked impeccable (I was a lil’bit worried cuz I didn’t had the flatiron with me and the long road could have destroyed the garments, but the cloths have made it :D).  I’ve chosen hairstyles, for the sport collection, which are elegant and sporty at the same time. I’ve tried to make hairstyles which follow the original nature of the hair.

I want to thank those who participated to the show and those who were there to support the SM crew! We hope you liked our presentation! Sincerely the SM crew!

On this show participated:

Fashion Designer: Mathe Annamaria
Designer: Sanko Gyatsa
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Photo: Kovacs Levente from KL photography and Fulop Barni.

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