Sep 3, 2013

City look is the new look!

Hello my readers! I now you were waiting for the new look but I was so occupied with something else that I forgot it's Monday :-S...I will tell you soon what is SM preparing :D...Trust me it's exithing :D!

THADAAAAAA.. the new look....


This dress is simple, sporty but in the same time sexy..This is a comfortable dress!!

This look is about the city...My town has a lot of "designers" and "fashion bloggers". The street is full of well dressed women's and fashion addicted girls. Personally I don't want to be a fashion victim, rather I like to create.

I waned to create a look which speaks by it self. I used color bloc and transparency to express a character and sexiness. You can wear this look everywhere the only thing you need to change is the accessories.

On the back of the dress I used silver/ organic white zipper which gives an expensive look for the dress if you want to wear it at night.

This dress was sponsored by PUCC Sweat wear Budapest.

On this shooting participated:

Designer: MA
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Kosa Rebeka
Photo: Fulpo Barni

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