Oct 29, 2013


Hello my readers! Long time I didn't write for you, but the truth is I needed a little space from blogging to decide what to do next. I had cold feet. I wanted to give up fashion design but the truth is I don't know who I am without it. Some of you wrote me asking what's happening and I realized you care, about my work you are interested about everything. 

We had two shows this weekend and a lot of interviews but I will give you update soon and I will write about everything. Today I took a risk and quit. I have no job, no materials, no money but the good news is I'm\we are going to nationals. I knew one day I need to decide between my job and life generally.

I hope that my work will go forward and I will do everything to be on the top. 

Being a fashion designer is the hardest thing I ever done and the most beautiful work I ever got. I worked as an architect, engineer, manager but I never thought that being a designer equals with these kinds of sacrifice.

My point about fashion and styling is way more different than others because, I never learned fashion design. I want to write my perspective about the fashion world. Some of you will agree and others disagree but at least you will be interested. 

I created this look weeks ago but I needed the perfect time to publish it.

On this photo shoot I worked with: 

MUA: Gina Bordas
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Photo: Fulop Barni \ Bandi Andras

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