Nov 5, 2013

"Art Nouveau" on the runaway

" If you are more than others you always going to be the strange one 
or simply discriminated because of your way of thinking. "

I would  like to start with the truth about "The black widow" collection...As I mentioned previously I want to change my way of writhing on this blog so I want to revel my secret about this one...

The concept of the black widow existed sense I left the factory...All those bulshitt mentality and things I had in me,changed me...I new! Until I'm not making dresses based on this concept, I never going to forgive or forget...

I started reading books and doing research on art nouveau but to be honest nothing ketch my eye (OK "The kiss" form Gustav Klimt but I was sure that it's going to be used by someone else)...Talking with my friend Gina about make up and secession, she mentioned that mechanization started in that era and I thought that was a point to begin with. Using simple basic forms from that era and add some hand made technic on the garments...I personally hate black color but I new I had some issues and I needed to get out of my system by creating something dark and ironic...

As some of you now my inspiration points are characters and personality's. This will sound weird but for this collection my muse was my ex boss... Every time I think of him, I remember a loner, a strong personality, a charming character who always new the next step, never afraid of taking risks and when he walked in the factory all the sewers got scared and shaky... Just like a widow from secession!... There was the perfect woman who I wanted to see on the stage walking, with all eyes on her.

I new that I needed a performance for this one to translate my message, but from all those people only one man would understand and he was not there....If you are more than others you always going to be the strange one or simply discriminated because of your way of thinking. You have only one life... No matter who you are or how far you get, make sure you are living a fully and happy life...

On this show worked:

Design: MA
MUA: Gina Bordas
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Models: Bianca Biris, Nagy Eva, Mike Rebeka, Barabas Bea, Bery Adel, Bojte Tamas, Szekely Szilard
Photo: Fulop Barni, Bandi Andras

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