Dec 30, 2013

Flashes of memories....2013

"Fashion is the game of rich people..."

This is the last SM post this year... I want to thank for all my crew members, models and friends the opportunity and the patience to work together. We had good and bad moment's, I agree, but look where we all stand. This year was a hard one for SM. We lost members and created new ones. SM brought people together, we created new friendships and I'm really glad to be part of it.

Fashion is the game of rich people... my girlfriend told me once and she was right. When I felt sad cuz the SM was going under, I always remembered all those moments when we worked together and I didn't felt alone...almost every Sunday we had a shooting and we were laughing our ass off .It felt good... I hope that next year will be better, with more collections and more opportunities for everyone!

I want to make a smile on your face so I attached some pictures to remember the Sunday's and the backstage moments. :D

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