Dec 22, 2013

The Black widow collection

 "A woman wants to feel strong and sexy,
 to have a positive, explicit attitude..."

The collection is based on a strong personality of a widowed woman in a modern era. The firs part of the collection was presented as an art nouveau collection. After I was promoted to go to the nationals, I created more looks based on this concept. 

With this collection I wanted to represent a strong women line with no vulgarity, to show the women body as it is. A woman wants to feel strong and sexy, to have a positive, explicit attitude. This collection makes you feel that way.. I left the back naked and the legs open cuted  to give a little sex appeal with limits. Big part of the collection has hardening at the waist to give a beautiful S for the body. 

Mostly strong women's are vulgar and hard so I choose soft textiles to bring a balance between personality and the look. The Black color makes people shallow and nobody likes that so I used chain to avoid this effect. Also the chain makes the look more expensive and glamour's. 

On this photo shoot participated:

Design: MA
Hair Stylist: Markos Ildiko
MUA: Gina Bordas
Models: Adel Berry, Szabo Andrea, Catana Alexandra
Photo: Bandi Andras, Fulop Barni
These photos were taken at the Teleki Castel 

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