Jan 27, 2014

My first sketches

"When life is hard 
do it harder, because it will make you feel alive..."

In my last post I told you about my little life story what I'm having at Cluj. A lot of my friends asking about me, but to be honest I don't really have time so I decided to write about it. 

My last interview was a nightmare. I promised to my self, I wont be a sewer ever again. When I entered to the factory and I saw the machine line up and everybody was sitting and sewing, I remember that feeling and frustration what I had last year. The good thing about this factory wast that everybody had to do a garment from the start... There was no fazes of sewing, just full dresses. I would learn a lot  from there and I felt comfortable about the idea. When the master gave me a coat to sew from the start, I was smiling because I did the same model for one of my models before Christmas. She started asking me about my work experience and study. When I told her about my six years of university she got weird with me, and when I told her about the engineering part she freaked out. After three hour I was "kicked out". I didn't understand why. I felt like a fool about the situation and I called my brother and he was so sweet. He told me: "when you get up on a full bus everybody will look ugly at you, but if you wait 2 stations those people will get off the buss and you will stand there" ...I realized no matter how hard I try to be friends whit people who are working in production at a factory I always will be an outsider especially if I have more school then the master.

When I got "home" on that day I decided to go home where I came from but my roommate helped me out and he got me a job offer as a designer. I had to do 5 sketches, 1 technical paper and 1 pattern calculation from one of my design.  

To be honest I don't do sketches, these are my third once...Before I started designing I got this video which is really helpful and I wanted to share with you...

These are the occasional dresses design:

Ready to wear garment design:

I hope you like it. I'm open to any opinion :)

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