Jan 19, 2014

The new beginning

my road, my destiny...

A new year knocked on the door and it's called 2014. I took time to think about my future and what to do next. Everybody needs a plan. It's human nature to think about life and shit which complicates your life even more and sometimes makes you feel miserable (when you don't achieve it) or proud (when you do) because of it.

Here is the new year so it's time to start a new life. At home I became the most known designer but I'm not comfortable with my achievements because I now I can do more. My design are a little bit simple and sophisticated. When I started designing garments I concentrated on the design and not the quality. People around me complained about my sewing style because the garments were poorly executed. I changed my point of view by reducing the design and I started concentrating on the execution. But after a while my garments became a little bit boring. I feel like it's time to concentrate on design and hand made technics.

After wining at the nationals I felt wowed by my work and I still love the Black Widow collection, but thinking back I feel like I can do better. Living in a little town it's nice if you are a writer or a new upcoming designer but if you get on the top than you have to drag your self further. I new I have to move to a bigger town. It's my life, my road, my destiny and I want to feel every piece of it in my vein.

I decided that this year will be different. I will move town to town after 6-7 months all around the world working as a sewer or a design assistant until I feel like I learned and achieved what I want. It's a hard decision to make and probably I will fail. I don't know. What I do know is that I will try and this blog will be the mirror of my lifestyle and work. I'm not giving up designing or anything. But the truth is what I want to learn, the school never will teach me.

I did my first step! I moved to a bigger town where the expectation are higher and the work is harder. I got a job as a sewer and I will make occasional dresses and handmade technics  which I never made. I'm living with 6 guy's in an apartment(a lot of crazy shit going around). I'm not saying that this is easy but it's fun and I'm really confident with my new decision. God knows what happens next...

Stay tuned and find out more...

"I want to feel free and explore my own idea on my way and see all those inspiration whit my eyes and not an my computers desktop. "

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