Jan 22, 2014

Up's and down's

"if you want to be the best you have to beat the best..."

Life is harder than I thought. Today I quit my job because I wasn't good enough. I needed to do 2 dresses at least in 8 hour.I now I'm good at sewing but not that good. I never worked for a designer before but this kind of job is really different. You need to be able to do everything, from pattern making to sewing. When I executed my design (from patterns to sewing and finishing) I new what to do, what technic to use, but here I needed to think with the designer head. 

Anyway, I liked the job but it wasn't meant to be. Yesterday I had a talk with my sister about this theme. Designers need to know to sew or not?They need to know about good technology? I now a lot of designers who don't touch a sewing machine and everything what they design is executed by another person. I think that If you are a designer you have to know everything about technology and execution. That's why I want to give up 2-3 years of my life(to learn every technic possible) . My sister had a good point of view when she told me: "Those designers who don't sew and they don't know shit about technology, they wont survive on the market. Executing garments with a good look and after 2 washes you throw it out, it's like trowing your image out." I agreed with her.

If you want to be a good designer on this fulled up market, you have to concentrate on your quality beside the quantity. There are way to many designers on this world and if you want to be the best you have to beat the best. 

Working as a sewer is my  scariest dream(after what happened last year), is the worst job what a woman can have because you have to be precise, good hand work, long concentration, resistant to stress, long working hours and beside that you get almost nothing when it comes about money. 

I looked up for a new job and tomorrow I'm having an interview. I'm curious what I will learn there. 

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