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May 7, 2013

Get yo` bike take a ride

Hi guys!

As a restart of the blog I want to write about the new SS13 Sport collection. The inspirations for these garments were my sad and blurry days, which I’m having at the factory where I work as a sewer. I’m having “hard time” cuz the people are difficult to work with. Mostly my days before lunch are about sadness, stress and yelling. When I got the opportunity to do an eco-day sport collection, I felt my frustration going out on my veins. I love to wear skirts all the time, to dress differently and I had some problems at my work because of that. This collection is like a mirror, reflects my frustration in the dresses. 

The basic color is grey witch shows the sadness and the non-intentions of my personality. I added yellow and purple to reflect my character in the factory. I do fell more open minded than my colleagues. The forms are very edgy and geometrical because I'm protecting myself from the closed mind thinking. I didn't use any material for the aerate part to show the woman's body and to give a little sexuality (my boss is a good looking guy with a temper and when he walks in each day the time stops, maybe because a lot of women have sexual intentions or because of his charm). The whole collection is based on characters transformed in forms. 

When I chose the materials for this collection I thought about functionality. I wanted something sporty but sexy yet elegant and at the same time to express all those moments of frustration. That’s how I got the leather-satin combination. The important part is these garments can be used in the office with high heels and over accessorized, or you can simply take all off, get your bike and take a ride… that’s how this collection got the name. ;)  


The makeup accompanying the sports collection is a simple day look, with contoured eyes and accentuated lips with bright and vivid colors in order to emphasize more the sexuality in each woman.
The look is a perfect match for a day out or even more, a sports event.

The hair was made by Markos Ildiko, she is a new member in the group. Ildi's opinion about the hair: 
For the SS13 Sport collection I have chosen hairstyles which are feminine, casual and a little bit elegant at the same time. This collection forms are edgy and geometrical, so I made a contrast with asymmetrical and natural hairstyles which express the clothes and their sporty-elegant styles. The hairstyles don't cover their back, which gives them a non-provocative sensuality.

I hope you find the hidden message in the cloths but don’t forget to tell me your opinion about the whole look and collection… soon I will show you the other designers work. Like us on Facebook!

   On this photo shoot participated :

   Designer: Mathe Annamaria 
   MUA: Gina Bordas
   Hair: Markos Ildiko
   Models: Simon Aliz, Szabo Andrea
   Photo: PillanatVadasz

May 2, 2013

Style Mile kid collection

Hi everyone! SM released the kid collection in December I wrote about it on the blog. I think it’s time for the SM to reveal all the secrets and show all the collections step by step. This week I will talk about the kid collection and my experience in Budapest for the second time.

I prepared the collection for the ReMese program I mentioned before; after I entered in the program I started studying children cloths and the Hungarian history, which changed my point of view, also I have started to develop the garments. The dresses are made of recycled materials and handmade embroidery. The materials I got from a second hand shop and they are actually bed sheets, curtains and unused old textiles. After tailoring I added different techniques to hide the quality of the material.

For me this program meant a different approach as usually my designs are for women in their 30s. Entering in the children world was a change for me. 

For this collection I was inspired by Mathews King. All the stories about him are about his blessing and his goodness, but God never gave him any children and he was mostly a loner. I imagined how his daughter would look like. I used some of the Renaissance motives and I put in the styling of the dresses.

When the image of the girls was clear in my mind, I remembered my childhood and how I played with my friends and I started creating dresses based on these images. Then I started to think about quality and comfort, as children’s main activity is play and “destroy” their clothes.

The photos were made by Koo Adrien at Budapest. Her studio is really welcoming and I felt really good at the shooting. Also, the children enjoyed the shooting and were patient until the shooting ended. For more information visit Koo Adrien site.

Dec 8, 2012

Kid`s Collection Arrives

Hi everyone! Sorry for not writing for the last few days... The truth is I`m going to Budapest next week to present my new collection.The inspirations for my new kid`s collection were symbolistics of tales. The event`s subject was Transylvania`s children tales. I started reading books about "Matyas Kiraly" and other Hungarian fairy tales. After I finished up I made this inspirational board:

The materials which I used were partial materials and second hand clothes. This collection is based on refashion. Let me show you some materials:

These are remains of a blind for window. I love this color palette.Here`s a sneak peak off my collection.

Stay tuned for more pictures.As soon as I`ll get back from Budapest I will show you the whole collection. Thank you for supporting the Style Mile crew. If you haven't "liked" us on Facebook yet, you can do it now, here!

Oct 31, 2012

My latest show

Hi everyone!  My latest collection was inspired from Impressionism. I wrote about that a few weeks ago.  In impressionism people used a lot of ruffle, lace and the skirts were really ‘heavy’. In the 90th centuries the woman clothes were defined by big skirts and corsets. The accessories which they used were umbrellas and gloves.  These accessories covered all the open parts of the body and reflected the art of clothing and design.

In that time regular women had only two or three “Gala” dresses for a whole year and they wore it only in the church or at special events.

The era specific design movement was: 

This picture shows the details of the umbrella and the beautiful headpieces .

You can see the oval lower back or the cardigan decorated beautifully.

This is more dainty with that straight back and the big hip. I was inspired more from the form rather than the details.


My inspiration source from this picture are ruffles on the end of sleeves.

In my designs I wanted to show these characters by imitating the same material and forms. I divided my collection in three parts: the impressionism in past (costume), office look and how I see the Impressionism in a ball room today.

 In my fashion show I've put the past and present together by showing the connection between them. The three office looks came separately. The idea of the office look was based on my design policy, of “bringing color and happiness to the sad every days life” by making the dresses comfortable and precise execution. Every piece of office look had a different character, color combination and design. The only thing what kept them together were the characteristics of Impressionism.

I had live music because I think it's something more appreciated compared to mp3 tracks. The band called Acoustic Trio has three members:  one vocal and too guitarists. They played a soft music.

The bad was designed by Mircea Braescu.  



Make up photos: 


Behind the scene:


 Amy working.


 Alina is putting on some mascara ^^

I made these photos with the help of five photographers, four models and two make-up artists.
You can see the photographer's works here:

Szigeti Szilard Szenner:  Pillanatvadasz
Gal Szilard: Facebook

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my new collection. If you want to see more pictures of it follow me on Tumblr/Pinterest or on Facebook by hitting Like below ^^ .