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Jul 28, 2013

Fashion Addiction (modern mix fashion show)

Hello my readers! I'm finally home :D...SM achieved a nice presentation at Tusvanyos and thank you all for your support and for being there! Soon i will write about the event, but now I have bigger news :D!

SM will present 3 collection next week and I'm so exited, and I think the whole crew is :D!

See you there! If you have questions, you can leave a message on our like page

Jul 21, 2013

Tusvanyos Festival :D

Hello my readers! I have BIG news for you!... Next week on Friday at Tusvanyos the SM crew will present 2 collections for YOU, also we're going to do a presentation about fashion, conflicts between women and men on this theme, also I will talk about blogging and tricks.

At this show will be present:

Designer: Mathe Annamaria
Ilustration Designer: Sanko Gyatsa from Sanko Design
MUA: Gina Bordas 
Hair Stylist: Markos Ildiko from Shinyscissors
Photographers: Kovacs Levente from KL Photography and our lovely new member Fulop Barni.

The presentation will be held at the DEPO tent. Friday will be a Fashion design day at the DEPO tent and the program is...



Introduction: Bogár Róbert (DEPO)

Mészáros Dóra (DoDee) – fashion stylist
Collages – what does styling means?                   

Máthé Annamária – Designer/blogger. Style Mile
The SM presentation will be held by Mathe Annamaria and Sanko Gyatsa. We will talk about refashion,ReMese, styling, conflicts in fashion, blogging, tips and so on :)

Hecendorfer Tímea - fashion designer
„I can't tell anyone so I will tell for everyone” – why is good the haute couture design?

György Eszter - fashion designer
The story of the "Delikates"

The final:
Dodo and DJ. Infragandhi

See you there and we all are exited about this one guys! :D 

Design: Mathe Annamaria
Make up:Gina Bordas
Hair: Markos Ildiko
Model: Alíz Simon
Photo: Szilárd Szigeti Szenner

May 7, 2013

Get yo` bike take a ride

Hi guys!

As a restart of the blog I want to write about the new SS13 Sport collection. The inspirations for these garments were my sad and blurry days, which I’m having at the factory where I work as a sewer. I’m having “hard time” cuz the people are difficult to work with. Mostly my days before lunch are about sadness, stress and yelling. When I got the opportunity to do an eco-day sport collection, I felt my frustration going out on my veins. I love to wear skirts all the time, to dress differently and I had some problems at my work because of that. This collection is like a mirror, reflects my frustration in the dresses. 

The basic color is grey witch shows the sadness and the non-intentions of my personality. I added yellow and purple to reflect my character in the factory. I do fell more open minded than my colleagues. The forms are very edgy and geometrical because I'm protecting myself from the closed mind thinking. I didn't use any material for the aerate part to show the woman's body and to give a little sexuality (my boss is a good looking guy with a temper and when he walks in each day the time stops, maybe because a lot of women have sexual intentions or because of his charm). The whole collection is based on characters transformed in forms. 

When I chose the materials for this collection I thought about functionality. I wanted something sporty but sexy yet elegant and at the same time to express all those moments of frustration. That’s how I got the leather-satin combination. The important part is these garments can be used in the office with high heels and over accessorized, or you can simply take all off, get your bike and take a ride… that’s how this collection got the name. ;)  


The makeup accompanying the sports collection is a simple day look, with contoured eyes and accentuated lips with bright and vivid colors in order to emphasize more the sexuality in each woman.
The look is a perfect match for a day out or even more, a sports event.

The hair was made by Markos Ildiko, she is a new member in the group. Ildi's opinion about the hair: 
For the SS13 Sport collection I have chosen hairstyles which are feminine, casual and a little bit elegant at the same time. This collection forms are edgy and geometrical, so I made a contrast with asymmetrical and natural hairstyles which express the clothes and their sporty-elegant styles. The hairstyles don't cover their back, which gives them a non-provocative sensuality.

I hope you find the hidden message in the cloths but don’t forget to tell me your opinion about the whole look and collection… soon I will show you the other designers work. Like us on Facebook!

   On this photo shoot participated :

   Designer: Mathe Annamaria 
   MUA: Gina Bordas
   Hair: Markos Ildiko
   Models: Simon Aliz, Szabo Andrea
   Photo: PillanatVadasz

Jan 23, 2013

Make up for fashion show

Hi everyone! I hope you liked our last post. Today Gina prepared for you a nice tip for make up.

Fashion show makeup usually tends to be unique and innovative, at the same time wearable as,
along the clothes, makeup will be a sought-after product. Let’s not forget that a fashion show is a
show and the makeup, fitting the garment must be spectacular as well.

Last November, the Style Mile team participated at the Extravagance Fashion Show held in Galati
with a collection inspired by the Impressionism. This was a great opportunity for learning how to
prepare for a national-wide fashion show in terms of team setup, clothes and look designs and

So, back to makeup, here are some thoughts on how to prepare for a fashion show if you are a
makeup artist.

1. The final look on the runaway represents the work of an entire team: the designer, the
makeup artist, the hairstylist and the model. The makeup artist must present te designer’s
vision as well as the makeup trends of that time.

2. The makeup design must be prepared in advance, after viewing the clothes and knowing the
designer’s vision. It is OK to prepare several designs, test them on models or prepare some
face charts. The image below is just an example.

3. Face charts are very important because, once the look approved, the makeup artist can
write down all information on products used, their use on the face or any other special
instructions. This will be helpful as during the show, the makeup must be done quickly,
sometimes on more models.

4. Before the show begins, it is recommended to test the makeup on the catwalk, if something
does not look OK, or the designer does not like the makeup under those light, there is still
time to change the look.

5. Bear in mind that models have different skin tones and that the intense pink for the cheeks
may not look the same on each face or that you need to make up models who are wearing
a makeup from a previous presentation from which you can still preserve foundation and
mascara, for example.

6. Just before the show, refresh lipstick, or powder to combat shine and be prepared to stand
by and retouch while the models are changing clothes.

Back to the Extravagance show, we have prepared several makeup looks inspired by fairy tales like
Cinderella. Here is what we created.

‘There are no rules for makeup’, just creativity!

This article is written by Gina Bordas for the Style Mile the Blog.

Photo credits: internet, own archive, Levente Engel Photograpgy.

Let us know your opinion and leave a comment below. Stay tuned for Friday because it's weekend and its DIY time :D !

Jan 9, 2013

My life experience in Budapest (Hungary)

Hi everyone! Holiday season is over, which means I’m back at work. I'm here to share with you my new projects and designs, which I'd like to do in 2013! This post is about my life experience in Budapest, but first I’ve got some breaking news.

Vittorio Missoni the famous fashion designer is missing!

“This kind of incident has a precedent: on January 4th 2008, another plane went missing on the same route and was never found. Weekly magazine Oggi suspects that it might have been hijacked by drug traffickers and used to deliver cocaine.

Anyone in Venezuela with any information is invited to contact the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by calling the Crisis Unit or e-mailing the Ministry at Please help us bring Vittorio, Maurizia and their friends home safely.” – on VOGUE

Ok, back at my stuff. My latest post in ’12 was about my kid collection and after that I went to Budapest to show my work at the ReMese contest. The program lasted for 3 days. ReMese is a community building program, where the Transylvanian and Hungarian designers unfold and share their knowledge about design. The topic for this program were tales which the designers had to incorporate in wearable kid clothes. The basic materials for the garment were recycled used textiles. The important part is that the designers had to use traditional Hungarian forms in their garment/design. For me this competition was a really big challenge. This three-day program included three separated topic for each day.

The logo (ReMese worked in a collaboration with KMDSZ from Transylvania)

First day was the “professional day” where a lot of successful designers and bloggers talked about their career and design in general. The program was opened by Szegedi Aliz Torella the head designer/owner of the organization. She talked about the concept and philosophy of the organization. I was impressed when she talked about Hungarian traditional forms, basically costumes, which Hungarian designers incorporate in wearable high fashion garments and in the same time every piece is made out of recycled textiles. All these concepts in one piece, makes any designer take it as a challenge.

Torellas speech.

After Torellas speech came Tatai Tibor presentation. He had a really life teaching experience. He worked on a vector design project for 5 months and when he finished up the company rejected his work without paying. After all the hard work he didn’t gave up, he turned the project to a much functional and usable form. The basic inspiration for he’s project were (surprisingly) traditional Hungarian forms and tales. The vectors which he was creating were of story tellers (mostly about Hungarian history). These vectors got printed on cups, shirts, and other simple objects which were sold as souvenirs. I think Tibor's work was unique, but his story was that really got to me. In this big world of economic crises everybody tries to survive, most people just getting lazy and giving up because it’s hard.

 Tibor presenting.

I think that was the moment, when I realized what I want to do in 2013 as a designer and what is that I want to make it work! Right after Tibor's presentation I was so distracted about my thoughts, I couldn’t concentrate on what was following.

There was another “punch in your face” presentation, where bloggers started to talk about Hungarian fashion. They talked mostly about Budapest in general, but they emphasized how they weren’t pleased on whats on the streets or runways of that city. Hungarian fashion is the most simple and sophisticated design I've ever seen and the bloggers agree with that. They also said how shallow people are on the streets and how they don’t use colored garments. This made me thinking: is the economic crisis or the everyday routine which made them so superficial? Maybe one day I will find out. What I really loved about this presentation were the advices that I got, like: how much the media counts when you are a famous blogger or how much your blog topic changes if you’re a known advertiser, but the most important is criticism and how to choose what’s good for you.

 The bloggers.

The second day was “the competition day”. I was shocked when I found out right before the show that I had to introduce myself in front of “big” peoples/designers, but in the end went well. It was my first kid’s collection so I was paranoid about the children. It was tough, I admit it, because you had to be careful and watch everything.

 The Style Mile kids collection.

When the show was over the jury analyzed all the presentations and garments. For the first time in my life I got promoted for my work. It felt good to be appreciated and I’m thankful for that.

Hegyi Lucia(Luan by Lucia fashion store owner) giving me the diploma

After the show we had a little gathering party with Hungarian fashion icons and designers. It was a pleasure for me to be there and to learn from the best.

The third day was “the get together day”. We all put our portfolios on the table and talked about our life experience and the jury gave us advice about the show. You can read more here.

For me these three days changed my life literally. I’m thankful for this opportunity and for realizing exactly what I want to do in 2013 and I hope everything is going to be just fine.

More about to come in March! How was the REmese changeing program in 2010 you can read here.

These photos were made by Pletl Peter and you can check hes work here.

Stay tuned for our next post of Style Mile :D!

Oct 20, 2012

The Impressionism preview

Hy everyone! Long time no writing :P Tomorrow is a big day :) I will present my new collection "The Impressionism". I'm collaborating with Mircea Braescu bag designer, Alina Zahan and Amalia Iftime makeup artists. Today was the photo shooting and it was speechless, I really liked it.

 I'm exited about the show. :) This is my preview poster for my collection.

Pictures soon so stay tuned :D !

Oct 16, 2012

The show

Hi everyone! On this Saturday I gonna have a big fashion show :) I'm so exited :D !